Astute's Reporting Software Module

Reporting software module

Information at your fingertips

The information captured about your business in MODUS astute can be accessed and analysed to provide you with easy-to-understand reports, helping you to manage your day-to-day business. At a strategic level, information can be used to look at trends and develop strategies for business growth.

Data from throughout the system is pulled into reports, and can then be filtered and displayed as graphics or charts – all of which can be user-defined. Reports can use historic results, such as showing sales or conversion performance; or show up-to-the minute data, for example providing crucial information about daily stock levels. Operationally, daily to-do lists can help staff schedule their workload and avoid actions being missed.

Some examples:

  • Daily “to do” lists to remind everyone what needs doing and when
  • Quote and project conversion rates, by customer or by member of staff
  • Sales and margin analysis, by customer, project, stock type or staff
  • Month-on-month trends to show long-term performance trends
  • Performance of different stock categories, to help drive the sales effort in selected areas
  • Marketing analysis to identify the best performing marketing campaigns
  • Supplier activity levels to monitor and manage usage and exposure
  • Identify open projects, quotes and orders that need to be followed up
  • Daily stock levels and stock requirements to fulfil current sales orders & re-orders
  • Daily call schedule to create call-lists and service visit bookings

MODUS astute reporting delivers powerful information to enable you to manage your business day-to-day, and gives you an insight into the bigger picture, allowing you to plan for growth with confidence. 

To see for yourself how powerful this Business Reporting module could be for your business, call us or complete the contact form to book a 1-hour demo.