What if Analysis

What If?  Business Analysis and Intelligence built in

Historic data is a very powerful tool, providing information on trends which have led to successful sales conversion. MODUS astute uses this information to help you reproduce sales success and improve conversion rates for the future. Within this modelling, you can add ratings to particular customers or projects, then use this to create target lists of customers from whom you are most likely to convert business.

Particularly useful within the Sales and Manufacturing sections, using the What If? function allows you to pre-define criteria, and then the software will present back information which is colour-coded so you can see the priorities which should get your attention.

what if analysis to improve business resultsA very useful and simple application of this feature is within stock control, where you have the ability to use the data to establish if you have enough stock to fulfil current or potential orders. You can also look at margins and margin % to make sure you are targeting business which generates the highest levels of profit for the business.

On a more complex level, you can assign scores to customers and sales leads, leading to a ranking of higher scoring customers or projects. If you have the right criteria and information, then you can identify and target higher scoring customers because they are more likely to generate future business. Throughout the sales process, this creates an automated score and grades the sales opportunity, and allows you to drill down and see the driving factors behind this.

All of this ensures that staff are channelling their effort into those customers, products or orders that are worth more to you – both in terms of short-term margins and long-term repeat business.

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