Software for controlled manufacturing processes

tl_files/themes/Modus/images/manufacturing.pngControlled manufacturing processes

Supporting your day-to-day controls, MODUS astute delivers real-time information to support your manufacturing decision-making and planning. Bills of materials, labour and machine loading are full visible, showing what is needed, where and in real-time. This is all linked into overhead recovery rates for accurate quoting, and stock levels to drive purchasing. Fully integrated quality management support is also built in to assist with compliance and quality control. 

Use production schedules to plan labour and machinery loading

Through accessing the current production schedule, you can quickly and easily compare both labour and machinery requirements against actual capacity. Potential problem areas are highlighted in different colours, allowing you to either plan for additional resources to cope with the workload, or to push for further orders to fill the capacity. This information will allow you to utilise resources more efficiently, planning staff hours, shifts and overtime.

Easily identify stock issues to trigger re-orders

For each production order, you can identify the parts required, with real-time stock levels and colour-coded problem parts where action is needed. More strategically, you can see what sales or stock levels are driving the overall factory workload, so you can pre-plan supplier deliveries. Using the “What if?” function shows the availability of materials and resources to meet actual and forecasted orders – allowing you to plan in advance. 

Manage sub-contractors and sub-assemblies

MODUS astute Works Orders control the complex process of manufacturing, using pre-set Bills of Materials and ‘on the fly’ requirements. The Bills of Materials also support the control of phantoms, sub-assemblies and phased production to give you full flexibility to run the factory how you want to.

Built-in quality testing controls

Compliance and quality control is a time-consuming but critical part of any manufacturing process. The software allows you to build this in to the production phase, keeping a track of performance at each stage of the process, allowing you to measure and improve factory performance. The easy-to-understand reports and intelligence can then be re-used to develop and maintain quality standards 

Integrate with quote system to recover overheads & maintain margins

Parts, labour, machinery, sub-contractor and other overheads are all captured within the costing controls to ensure that all parts are fully costed. This links through to the sales quote system so that you can be sure that margins are maintained and quotes are accurate.

MODUS astute helps you maintain control and improve efficiency in your production facility. Monitor and adapt parts, labour and machinery usage for a more streamlined operation, and stay on top of quality and compliance issues. 

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