Software to improve marketing performance

tl_files/themes/Modus/images/marketing_graphs.pngData-driven communications

Manage your marketing communications through astute to ensure you are focusing your activity on the right customers and keeping track of what works and what doesn’t. At the same time, you can be confident that marketing and customer history is visible throughout the business, making it easier for opportunities to be followed up quickly and professionally.

Target customers based on sales activity

Selections for marketing campaigns can be made using a variety of information, using customer order history such as frequency and size of order, or conversion rates from previous marketing activity. The software can produce easy-to-understand customer performance statistics to help you identify key customers and sales opportunities, which can then be output as mailing data or call lists, ready for use.

Create letters, emails and personalised marketing materials

All of the data can be simply pulled across into your marketing materials such as mail-merge letters, emails, and any other personalised marketing materials. By doing this you can create effective outbound activity, with direct response mechanisms built in to maximise your response and conversion rates.

Marketing Segment

Track conversion rates and campaign performance

The system automatically keeps records of who has received what, and allows you to run detailed reports to analyse response rates by customer, right through to the value of the final order, and overall campaign performance. Through understanding the effect of your creative on conversion rates, you can also refine and plan your activity for the future.

Record and share customer history

Whether staff are dealing with sales or service follow-up, it’s important for them to know as much as possible about the customer relationship. Things such as key relationships, previous order history or issues, and current project status can all have a bearing on how you approach a customer. By having access to this information, staff can act on opportunities and present a professional image of the business. Following contact, they can quickly record comments and actions to keep information up-to-date in a standard format.

Generate sales opportunities and schedule follow-up

Off the back of each campaign, or from the customer marketing history, you can schedule “to do” task lists for each user, giving them a reminder of what needs their attention as soon as they log in, with priority order and importance, and links to all the relevant documents they may need. 

MODUS IT astute brings together all of your customer and sales data to create a powerful set of information which can really drive and streamline your marketing activity. It re-uses data from other areas of your business, and then delivers back further customer information to drive sales and service.

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