Efficiently manage supplier relationships


Efficient supplier relationships

Every business needs the confidence of knowing they are getting the best out of their suppliers. Price, quality and service are key criteria in selecting the right supplier or partner. MODUS IT astute enables you to log and track supplier performance so that you can manage the supplier relationship, not the other way round. The system also gives you full visibility of stock, and gives you the flexibility to order, manage and distribute goods exactly as required.

Record supplier details, products and real delivery lead-times

Having to remember which supplier you used, how much goods cost, and whether they delivered on time gets complicated when you have a whole range of products and a variety of people involved in the process. MODUS IT astute not only stores supplier contact information, but also records products, part numbers, quotes, and previous orders. Importantly, it also records actual delivery performance. By understanding these real-world lead-times (rather than theoretical ones) alongside costs and specifications, you can select suppliers, order and re-stock on a genuine Just In Time basis.

Identify supplier strengths and weaknesses, and create best-price comparisons

The system allows you to capture costs and historic performance details for goods and services from a range of suppliers. This information can then be used to analyse combined performance against selection criteria – usually costs and ability to deliver on time. You can also easily add new suppliers. You can then create cost-comparisons between different suppliers, and previous orders.

Link into sales forecasts and stock levels to prompt re-orders

Instead of having to manually check stock levels to ensure you can meet current and forecasted levels of business, the system does this for you. The stock levels are continually calculated based on open projects, sales orders and current stock. This then provides an alert where stocks are likely to be insufficient to fulfil the order. And because it also accesses supplier delivery data, this alert is provided with enough notice to re-order on a Just in Time basis.

Work with multi-currencies, split deliveries or multiple delivery addresses

You would expect the system to be able to cope with straightforward orders, but when something is a little more unusual, you need the same simple solution. That’s why MODUS IT astute is designed to cope with such things as: multi-currency orders, with built in conversion calculators; multiple delivery addresses; split delivery dates or direct deliveries to the customer.

Copy template forms for rapid entry

The principle of only keying information once really becomes valuable throughout the purchasing process. You can copy previous or template purchase orders for fast and accurate entry, produce printed purchase orders for suppliers and your finance team. You can also link purchase orders to sales orders to make every order traceable.

MODUS IT astute enables you to stay in control of the purchasing process, giving you confidence that you are working with the most competitive and reliable suppliers, and that they can support you in reacting to the needs of the business.

To see for yourself how powerful this could be for your business, call us or complete the contact form to book a one hour demo.

To see for yourself how powerful this Purchasing Control module could be for your business, call us or complete the contact form to book a 1-hour demo.