Software for proactive sales led business

Streamlined sales processes

Relationships become increasingly complex when more than one person deals with sales and service. Avoid any confusion by making sure crucial customer details and contact history is held centrally, and in a standard format, so that all staff can have access to up-to-the minute information. And support your staff by providing time-saving templates so that quotes, orders, deliveries and invoices are accurate.

Centralise customer contact information, creating a sales pipeline and call-lists

Imagine the convenience of a centralised customer list, with multiple addresses, contacts and individual customer intelligence all linked together in one place. Add to that the ability to analyse customer data, identify and attach key sales drivers, model conversion using “what if?” scenarios, then generate a sales pipeline, action plan and call lists – with individually assigned responsibilities, scheduled into daily “to do” lists. MODUS astute allows you to do all this and overlay information about your competitors to help you understand the external factors affecting your sales conversions.

tl_files/themes/Modus/images/salesgraph.pngCreate projects to manage quotes, forecasts, orders, deliveries and invoices

MODUS astute provides centralised and templated systems to simplify the process of managing opportunities – from quotes through to invoices. Operationally, it allows you to generate paperwork directly from the project throughout the sales process, without re-keying, saving time and avoiding errors. It also allows you to easily see open projects that need to be followed-up. At a more strategic level, it allows you to forecast the potential impact on the business using the “what if?” function so you can see any operational or stock problems before they arise. 

Generate quotes using flexible price calculators, discounts and template documents

MODUS astute allows you to control the process of quoting to ensure that margins are maintained, and that the operational capacity of the business is taken into account. At the same time, you can still give your sales team the flexibility to work with customers to offer them a quote which is competitive and which ultimately leads to an order. MODUS astute allows to you create a series of templates and tailored documents attached to standard price lists and flexible price calculators, where discounts can be set.

Plan manufacturing and stock-holding based on orders

The quote and order system links seamlessly into stock-holding information. This allows you to model different scenarios, based on sales conversion, to see if there are any future stock or manufacturing capacity issues. Because your supplier information is also available, you can analyse your ability to respond to a new order using actual delivery lead times from suppliers. 

Analyse customer, order and product profitability

As you build up your quote, you can see profitability by line or by total order, enabling you to manage and maintain your margins. The system also has built in checks such as stock availability so that you can be confident that subsequent orders can be fulfilled at the the right margin. When the sales process is complete, information on individual customer or product profitability is available to target future sales and marketing initiatives with those customers more likely to give best the return. 

MODUS IT astute can really help to make your sales channel more productive. By combining data from other sources in the organisation, you can plan and control the sales process and its impact on the rest of the business, manage margins and be confident that no sales opportunity will be overlooked.

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